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Do you need funding to get your music, games or film project off the ground?

We provide the perfect platform for music and film related projects to come to fruition in an interactive and ethical way. If you need funding to make an album, film a gig, create a short film, organise a premiere or any music or film project then fundervine are here to help.

There are lots of ways to raise the funds for your project and as well as your core group of family, friends and fans we provide the social tools for you to market your project and ensure a successful outcome.

It only takes 3 simple steps to start your project:

Register > Create Project > Launch Project

It’s All or Nothing. The project must be fully funded or your funders will get their money back. You can ask for anything from £500 to £20,000

Unlike traditional fundraising, crowd funding gives something back to your funders by the way of project rewards. These can be experiences, products, acknowledgements and credits.


A band needs a pro video and audio. They can get this done for 3k. The project entails a webstreaming event in a studio with 32 track recording and pro video.

They choose 5 kinds of rewards:

1. A £10 donation gives funders free access to the webstream and download of the audio when mixed.

2. A £20 donation gives them all the above but also a CD of the performance

3. A £40 donation gives them all the above plus a DVD of the performance

4. A £50 donation gives them all the above plus a credit on the CD & DVD sleeve

5. A £150 donation gives them all the above plus a chance to see the performance live and have their name in the start and end credits on the DVD.

You can find more ideas for rewards here and by browsing the live projects on the site.

Bear in mind that most successful projects draw most of their support from rewards that are offered between £10 and £100. The key is to empower your backers with worthwhile rewards. If you give them something personalised, signed or in a limited edition you are far more likely to get them to engage with your project.

 You can start by registering!

Stuck for ideas? Have a look at some previous project ideas here.

Fundervine will take a 5% commission on your amount raised but only if your project reaches its target. All 3rd party payment processing fees are the responsibility of the users.

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