Fundervine Guidelines and Important Information

Fundervine is a funding platform for Music, Arts, Games and Film projects only. Projects outside the scope of these 4 disciplines will not be considered.

It will be Fundervine’s final decision on which projects do and don’t meet these eligibility criteria. If you have a creative project outside the scope of music or film but the main purpose of your funding is the music or film element, then we will consider including these projects.

Projects with a clear structure and goal only

Projects such as funding a new CD or funding the making of a film (or taking a project to market) have clear goals. Funders will be more interested in projects that have a clear completion date and tangible rewards. Don’t be vague – tell your potential funders what you are going to do, when you are going to do it by and what kind of reward they’ll get for helping you fund the project. It also helps to include a short 5 minute video. Projects including a video (usually yourself outlining the project and rewards) have a far higher chance of reaching the funding target. You can easily embed any youtube or vimeo movie.

Projects must also comply with other guidelines.

Unfortunately we can’t include charity funding or funding to help causes. E.G funding a scholarship, donations to humanitarian organisations. We also don’t allow funding for personal or family use such as vacations, property and household bills. Bear in mind that the maximum reward value is £1000 and the maximum project value is £60,000

Anti Money Laundering

To comply with Anti Money Laundering regulations we need to confirm your identity. You’ll need a scanned copy of your passport or driving licence (Photo page) along with proof of address such as a recent utility bill or bank statement. These can be uploaded along with your project. See our full AML policy here.


If you feel your project has been rejected unjustly, please send an email to office(at) and we may be able to reconsider the decision.

Marketing your project

Use our sharing features (Twitter, Facebook etc) but please avoid spamming as it will have the opposite effect to that required for your project. Blogging about the project can be very effective along with contacting friends and associates. Sending messages about your project to strangers is a bad idea. If you are not sure if something is spam or not then it probably is.

Act considerably and sensibly

Please take heed of our terms and conditions. No bad language, profanity or sabotaging other people’s projects with your own messages. We also have standard copyright, cookie and privacy policies. Full terms and conditions.

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