What is Fundervine all about?

We provide the perfect platform for music and film related projects to come to fruition in an interactive and ethical way. If you need funding to make an album, film a gig, create a short film, organise a premiere or any music or film project then fundervine are here to help.

Likewise if you are a fan of independent music or film, there are numerous projects that provide great rewards and help independent artists and creatives realise their ideas.

 What kind of projects do you allow?

As long as the project is music or film related and has a clear definable goal with clear rewards for potential backers, then it can be hosted on Fundervine.

 Why do you need to verify my ID?

Due to compliance with Anti Money Laundering regulations we need to verify all project owners identities prior to the launch of any project. This involves you sending us a scan of your ID documents followed by a code verification process by mail.

How many projects can I put on Fundervine?

You can have a maximum of 2 projects on Fundervine at any time and a maximum of 4 projects per year.

What is the maximum value of any reward that i may offer?

The maximum reward is $1500 (£1000) per reward

How long can the project funding last?

You can set any period from 30 to 90 days from the project going live.

What is the maximum amount I can raise per project?

Our current maximum project value is £20,000

Are there any kinds of music, games or film project that you don’t allow?

We do not accept projects that contravene legal and decency parameters. Please see our terms and conditions for details.

How do Fundervine make money?

Fundervine will take a 5% commission on your amount raised but only if your project reaches its target. All 3rd party payment processing fees are the responsibility of the users.

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